About us

porate limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008. Our corporation acts as a holding regrouping different activities which aim at helping the entrepreneurs to set up and develop their business through cost effective processes.

We provide a whole panel of services that has been carefully designed to help different kind of projects at their core for optimized cost or in exchange of projects' shares.

Why working with us ?

Our company provides an integrated professional solution dealing with different steps of the company development, from the incorporation to the operational set up of the company, from the marketing strategy to the complete realisation of the tools that will allow a serious team to start selling and make profit. We are animated by a passion for entrepreneurship and adventure in general and fully commited to the challenges we decide to invest in.

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Business Analysis

chinese economy survey
Monthly, we analyse one of the main China related issues. We focus on business direct consequences or meaning of significant statistics, state policies or important corporate moves. Economics basics and chinese specifics being used as a framework.
Message to entrepreneurs :

We are always interested in investing resources in new ventures with high potential. We provide different kind of support from early stage micro-funding to operational launch and guidance. we are open to any kind of serious projects, since you already have a valid business model.

Above all, we evaluate people and business model over field experience or age. Feel free to contact us, if you trust your project has a bright future.
porate limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong (China) under the number: 1250242.
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