Company Incorporation Services

From 2008, porate limited helps entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses in Hong Kong. Our goal being for them to focus on the only important part of the project: How to make money by delivering what they promess according to their business plan.

That's why we provide an all-in-one package usually including the whole incorporation process, bank account opening services and an access to our information database and customer service plateform.

Fairness is for us the only way to do business.

In order to be as fair as possible with our clients, we do not get any abusive advantages from our position on an asymmetrical market. Our company being one on the only one over the market to offer fair prices to expats or outsiders even though we are aware that most of the prospects over the market are not well informed about prices.

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Our company incorporation service:

service de création et de gestion de société à hong kong
HKPackage is an all-in-one solution allowing our customers to incorporate their business in Hong Kong at local price. Only available in french for now. Soon in other languages.
Mainland China Support

We provide as well information and tips about business in Mainland China. From simple matters as visa obtention to more adventurous issues like representative office establishment or formal Whole Foreign Owned Entrepreise (WOFE/WFOE) incorporation in the main cities of China.

As usual, if we do not know some details or if we do not know how to process ourselves, we will honestly tell you who knows and put you through.
porate limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong (China) under the number: 1250242.
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