Early stage venture management :

Usually, most of the projects that aim at becoming a profitable company do not need much to reach the next step. Most of the time, this is a matter of starting point, goal determination, business model adjustment or roles repartition among founders.

When the project takes place in Asia and especially in China, other parameters such as business and legal practice knowledge, culture difference management, language and environment understanding can play a decisive role in a company's success or failure.

We are interested, through time and resource investment, in early stage project requiring low first investment with volume-related cost structure. If we consider that your project match our skills and goals, we will then discuss with you and offer you a win-win agreement.

We are open to any kind of project since you know what you do, you are motivated and we respect each other.

Services and procedures :

We can help and pro-actively participate to your project for the following field or tasks:

General consulting & services
- Business model evaluation and improvement,
- Corporate structure needs assessment,
- Company body incorporation,
- Team recruitment,

Mainland China specific consulting & services
- Model assessment for an entry into the chinese market,
- Corporate structure needs assessment (WFOE, JV, Local),
- Incorporator selection (Agent, accounting or Law Firm),
- Representative officers recruitment,

In order to evaluate our capability to help you, please email us and we will come back to you with a short 1-page form to be filled in with the data concerning your project. No information will be transmitted to a third party.

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